Draya Michele wins $ 6,000 yellow Chanel mini handbag to add to her fashion collection


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Best known for her role in LA basketball womenActress Draya Michele is also a successful model and fashion designer who recently partnered with PacSun for the release of a brand new line of swimwear from her brand, Mint Swim. But she also knows a thing or two about designer bags. See for yourself as she takes an extravagant shopping spree at What Goes Around Comes Around in Beverly Hills and scores a slam dunk with a very special Chanel bag.

Eye-catching color is a top priority for Michele when it comes to handbags. Like a moth in front of a flame, she is immediately drawn to the vibrant colors.

“This purple, magenta [bag] down here, ”Michele said, pointing to a bright purple Chanel quilted suede binocular bag for $ 5,250. Michele greets the vibrating bag with a flirtatious, “Hi, how are you?”

Not afraid of shiny objects, Michele then gravitated towards a Chanel Metallic Gold Half Flap Micro with a price tag of $ 3,500.

“Automatically my eyes go straight to gold,” Michele says of the metallic handbag. “It’s a bag for me. It’s a great night bag for your cards, your lip gloss, you don’t have to put anything in it, ”she says.

Texture is another draw for Michele when it comes to designer bags, as evidenced by her interest in a Chanel green quilted suede mini handbag for $ 5,150. But Michele has a few words of warning when it comes to the bag’s soft suede material.

“I love this little bag here. It’s suede, so you have to be careful, okay? Because whatever you do, it will show on this bag, ”warns Michele. “If you’ve had a bad night, it’ll show on this bag.” If you were dancing and you were sweaty and you rub against someone with new jeans on, it’ll show on that bag, ”she explains.

As a final tip, Michele continues: “Plus, people with pens in their hands are your worst nightmare for handbags. Just stay away from them. If someone walks up to you with a pen, you never know how they are going to brush against you. Just say, ‘Stay back, it’s a weapon.’

But just because she works in fashion doesn’t mean Michele is comfortable with all designer bags. When it comes to a $ 5,750 Chanel Black Caviar model, Michele approaches with caution.

“This [bag], it’s so intimidating, ”says Michele. ” It’s very strong. I am intimidated. I see him. It’s almost like you can’t look, but you’re afraid to touch. [You] I don’t want to spoil anything. This is the Chanel effect.

But one thing Michele doesn’t shy away from when it comes to bags is to flout convention. Looking at a transparent Louis Vuitton monogrammed wallet for $ 1,950, Michele remarks: “It’s probably some sort of cosmetic bag, [but] I would carry it like a handbag. You don’t have to follow the rules.

At the end of the party, Michele walks away with a classic Chanel quilted lambskin square flap Mini in bright yellow for $ 6,255. Of her purchase, Michele remarks, “See guys, smaller doesn’t always mean cheaper. Smaller means better and harder to make. Remember this.

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