Dior’s Refillable Denim Lipstick Case Is Year 2000 Nostalgia At Its Finest

Y2K style is back – and it’s a reality for many of us still Processing. While I admire the era’s shameless, bad-good attitude toward going out clothes, I’m admittedly on the “please no!” side of the low rise jeans debate. That being said, I’m both in celebration and in nod to the wider, unbridled embrace of denim of the era. Distressed! Patchwork! Rhinestone! I like everything. Hence my instant obsession with Dior‘s new Addict Couture Lipstick Case which is cast in, yes, denim.

For one, it brings back the Dior Oblique logo that John Galliano popularized with his iconic Saddle bag design in 2000, an unmistakable and nostalgic emblem of the 2000s. “This is honestly one of my favorite interpretations of the Dior logo. “, tells me Sam Visser, American ambassador of Dior makeup. “His so signature rebel. The sleek tube’s flashy silver logo pops beautifully against the raw denim fabric; a dark indigo in perfect harmony with Dior’s signature navy blue and that of the year 2000 which leans towards inky blues. Much like a pair of pastel shield sunglasses or a blingy logo pendant necklace, it’s an accessory that’s both flashy and glamorous. “It looks like something that could be attached to your outfit as just an accessory, not even a lipstick,” agrees Visser. “The texture of the case stands out from the beauty – it’s exciting because it’s something new.”

Dior Dior Addict Couture Refillable Lipstick Pouch

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Dior Addict Hydrating Shine Lipstick Refill

As we shift to more sustainable beauty consumption, another major draw is that it’s reusable, inviting you to easily swap out and swap out shades of the brand’s newly reformulated cult lipstick Hydrating Shine. And it has to be said: it’s also miraculously compatible with wallets, costing only a small fraction of any other computing accessory.

Days after I hauled it around, my Y2K-happy denim lipstick bullet not only garnered compliments every time I take it out for a touch-up, but also inspired stories shared among friends of young teens gone to browse the Dior makeup counter at the local department store. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Dior’s denim lip case is already starting to gain traction on TikTok, too. “So many Gen Z individuals, and the generations before them, are inspired by the eras they grew up in or lived alongside,” says Visser. “A window into that, especially through makeup and beauty, is exciting” — and far less polarizing than a pair of low-rise jeans.

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