Dior opens the winter 2022 men’s Rodeo Drive pop-up

Following the debut of Dior’s Winter 2022 menswear collection in January this year, the French luxury house has now opened a respective pop-up store in Los Angeles.

Located on Beverly Hill’s infamous Rodeo Drive, the boutique offers another look at Kim Jones’ polished collection that was filled with asymmetric fastening pants, raised overcoats, exquisite wrap-around and double-breasted blazers, casual but refined and more. Whether it was a light gray woolen overcoat or a close-fitting blazer, tailoring was Jones’ beauty show. Along with the ready-to-wear garments, the show also featured Dior‘s now popular Birkenstock collaboration.

Bringing Paris to the west coast, the pop-up store takes inspiration from the Alexandre III Bridge with an array of Art Nouveau streetlights and images of the Parisian skyline. The store also features a 3D-printed golden Pegasus sculpture, exclusive to the Rodeo Drive location. From raised overcoats and cheetah-print jackets to jewel-embellished derbies, the boutique showcases a range of pieces from the Winter 2022 collection.

Check out the gallery above for a preview of the store. Located at 362 N. Rodeo Drive, the pop-up is now open through Monday, September 19.

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