Dior Homme Winter 2022 brings spring into the winter wardrobe

With dazzling pearls and blooming flowers, the Kim Jones-inspired collection for Dior promises luxury in an age of functionality

The House of Dior’s impeccable ability to refine and interpret French heritage was proven once again in its Men’s Winter 2022 collection. Struck by the nature of history – the idea that heroes are immortalized like statues that can be noticed at daybreak and makes them golden – Kim Jones, creative director of Dior Homme, sought to intertwine past and future values ​​with functional looks made precious of sparkling or floral adornments.

On what would be his 117th birthday, a monologue recorded by Christian Dior echoed throughout the set. It seemed to clean up the show – a blessed walk along the Seine. If the house has presented its collection in the ultra-informed and indisputably elegant tradition that characterizes it, Dior has not escaped the loungewear trend that has crept into haute couture, and into our own dressing rooms, in recent years. Jones defines that comfort with an air of sophistication. Soft, cottony fabrics have been given embellishments that catch the light and turn heads. A wool sweater and a pinstriped button-up shirt were layered under a vinyl leather jacket. A dazzling beaded layered vest was tucked between a shirt and blazer. Throughout, caps with satin finishes and airy tones of blue, cream and gray dominated.

Quintessential trench coats were cinched and twisted at the waist, in a mix of masculine and feminine ideals. Also featured was Dior’s collaboration with Birkenstock, which reinvents the somewhat utilitarian shoe. They feature Dior-branded buckles in brown, taupe and gray suede and felt, some with the same delicate floral appliqué found throughout the collection.

For Dior, the story is in the details: slipped into pockets or printed on coats, embodying the tradition of a past life, and breathing the hope of spring into winter.

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