Devil Wears Prada Unveils Video For New Single “Sacrifice”



Devil Wears Prada unveils video for new single
Photographer credit: Boston Lynn Schulz

The Devil Wears Prada released a music video for their latest single “Sacrifice”, a video produced by the members themselves and the song available to stream / download through Solid State Records. According to, “‘Sacrifice’ is a prime example of The Devil Wears Prada‘s continued sonic evolution, mixing an almost subdued melodic undertone with utter brutality.” In a statement from the group themselves: “’Sacrifice’ is a song of defeat: her character is exhausted, giving up her will in an abusive relationship. There is nothing more to fight for. “

The video follows the group performing in the school hall and auditorium, mixing aspects of being young and back in high school with the angst of their music that we can hear. Interesting camera angles take over the video and focus on empty hallways, shelves, and decorative windows that add to the aesthetic of the video.

Watch the video here:

The band just released their EP ZII EP, which mxdwn writer Cait Stoddard examined, stating: “Throughout the composition, the two singers shift from punchy metal to harmonic. Hearing Hranica and DePoyster singing the Harmonic Element is amazing because it shows how versatile they are as performers…ZII EP may only have five songs, but the music content is wonderful. The Devil Wears Prada has grown as a band and their music just keeps getting better. The group has been together since 2005, touring with Slipknot and Slayer, and reached over 200 million streams for their songs in 2020.

Photo credit Boston Lynn Schulz



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