Desi mom who went viral for reaction to Gucci belt, wins internet after styling her with a saree


No matter how well off their family is, desi moms are a little too frugal to have fun on designer clothes. And one example is a mother’s backlash when she found out the price of a Gucci belt her daughter had bought. As her reaction has taken social media by storm, the mom is back on the internet after pairing her with a saree!

Earlier in June, Instagram user Chabi Gupta shared a frank reaction from her mother, Anita, opening a box consisting of a red and green belt that her daughter bought from the luxury fashion brand. Shocked at the price of the product, the mother was seen stating that it looked like the belts worn by students at Delhi Public School (DPS), Ranchi.

Now, weeks after enjoying her newfound fame, the mother decided to try the belt on herself, but not without pulling a few punches. So, wearing a plain magenta georgette sari and a multicolored embroidered blouse, she accessorized it with the famous belt.

“1 way to style your GUCCI belt with Indian Saree ft. Desi Mom,” the girl wrote as she shared the image, clicked into a lush green paddy field, contrasting quite well with her attire.

Netizens had fallen in love with the mother’s reaction and found it totally relatable, claiming their mother would feel the same. But what really tickled web surfers’ funny bones was the mom who hilariously roasted her daughter’s haute couture purchase. In the viral video, she said the same product could have been purchased for Rs 150 if the Gucci buckle had been replaced with the one on the school uniform belt!

This time, too, people loved the middle-aged woman’s style and appreciated that she decided to wear it, and many commented on how well she had done it. But people agreed that it did indeed look like a DPS belt saying, “Aunt was right”.

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