Derogatory remark against Jaya Prada: Forensic report verifies the sample of votes is that of MP SP ST Hasan | Bareilly News


Bareilly: According to a forensic report submitted to a local court in Rampur on Friday, the voice samples of party deputy Samajwadi ST Hasan were verified in the 2019 video of an alleged derogatory remark against the actor became politician Jaya Prada. Hassan was present in court.
A local lodged a complaint against SP MP Hasan and veteran SP leader Azam Khan at Civil Lines police station in Rampur in 2019. Khan beat the actor-turned-politician in Lok Sabha’s polls here. The alleged remark was made during one of the polling meetings in Moradabad.
Video of the incident was shared widely on social media.
A case has also been registered against Azam Khan, his son Abdullah Azam, former SP district chairman of Sambhal, Firoz Khan, former chairman of Rampur nagar palika Azhar Khan and another person in the case.
The plaintiff, Mustafa Hussain, a resident of Rampur, seized the MP / MLA court last month, requesting the collection of the voice sample of the viral video for verification and to ensure its authenticity. The court had granted permission for this, after which the samples were sent to the Lucknow Forensic Department.
Lawyer Shahnawaz Naqvi, who represents Azam Khan in this case, said: “Reports of the samples that were collected and sent for verification have arrived. Reports suggested that the voice in the video was that of ST Hasan. However, this is a long term process as there is still a lack of evidence in the case. There is no eyewitness. The charges have not yet been formulated.
Lawyer Naqvi added: “Feroz Khan, the former SP district president of Sambhal, Azhar Khan and a few others were not present in court. The court has now set September 20 as the next court date.
Since the court summoned SP MP Azam Khan, authorities at Sitapur Prison, where Khan is currently being accommodated, will also be notified of the next court date.


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