Days of Our Lives Roundtable: Salem’s Best Thanksgiving!


Sami tried to find someone who would care about her kidnapping, Johnny and Chanel took their relationship to the next level, while the Devil caused one of the most chaotic Thanksgiving in Salem history.

Our TV fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Matt4Days from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to discuss Sami’s phone call to Marlena, for whom they are grateful in Salem, and their favorite Thanksgiving times!

Sami called Marlena, asking for help. What did you think of Marlena’s reaction, and do you hope to see Sami again soon?

Matt4Days: I absolutely hope to see Sami again! I think Marlena’s reaction was as normal as it could be under strange circumstances.

What I don’t understand is why Sami wouldn’t have called EJ, Roman or Rafe for help before calling Marlena.

Jack: Marlena’s reaction was ridiculous. It was hard to tell if she really got a “reprieve” from the Devil (what?) Or if she was still half the Devil.

Sami reaches out / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Sami should have called someone who could help him, like Rafe. Even if Marlena wasn’t possessed, what could she have done? And yes, I’m so glad Sami is back and I hope we find out soon what happened to him.

Christine: So Sami calls her mother to tell her that she has been kidnapped and held captive for months, and Marlena’s reaction is to tell her that other people are in trouble too. MDR!

Susan Banks was ready to die for EJ, but Sami could barely get her mother’s attention. It’s a bit sad, but it also explains part of Sami’s personality.

A disturbing dream / Big - Days of our lives

Do you think Marlena will actually lose her medical license when this is all over? Do you want this to happen?

Matt4Days: I don’t think she’ll lose her license, especially now that most of Salem knows she’s possessed. I don’t think she should lose her license either.

Jack: I think she will do this temporarily, but it will likely be restored once it is revealed that she was not controlling herself.

I’m more interested in banishing the Devil once and for all, and then we’ll see what a mess Marlena has to clean up.

Christine: Hope she does because it would make a great post-possession story.

How do you explain to the medical commission that you broke doctor / patient confidentiality because you were possessed by the Devil?

At the very least, they should demand that Marlena be evaluated by another psychiatrist, which could become her own entertaining scenario.

A Passionate Kiss / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Johnny and Chanel took their relationship to the next level. Are you a fan of this couple?

Matt4Days: I like Johnny and Chanel as a couple. I love that they took time out before sleeping together, but I think the trip to Italy was a crazy idea. Especially with all the momentum around Johnny’s movie and his new business. It was a reminder that they really are still children.

Jack: I love this couple. They remind me a lot of JJ and Paige. I hope Chanel has stuck with her initial insistence on using protection, however. We don’t need her to come back from Italy expecting a baby!

Christine: These two are adorable together. I love that they took a little time to get to know each other before they ended up in bed.

Johnny and Chanel both discover who they are and find their way, and I love watching them take this journey.

Thanksgiving Chaos - Days of Our Lives

What do you think of Anna playing Kristen and EJ playing John in the Johnny movie?

Matt4Days: I thought the whole conversation between Anna, EJ and Tony was weird. It was scary, and I’m glad Steve cut it off before Anna got more descriptive.

Jack: This whole movie thing is stupid. I wish EJ would stop gloating about how he can have sex with other people’s wives. As Anna said, it’s about taking action. It’s not real sex.

Christine: Uh. It was such an awkward conversation. First, I love Anna, but she’s too old to play Kristen in her 30s.

And I really couldn’t read what Tony thought of his brother sharing love scenes with his wife. It made me thankful that Steve ended up at the door with Susan.

Kate's Change of Heart - Days of Our Lives

What disappointed you about this Thanksgiving in Salem?

Matt4Days: I think I was very disappointed that we never got to see the reunion hosted by Roman and Kate that we have heard so much about all week.

And I would have liked to have seen Lani and Olivia chat over their dinner.

And I was wondering if Jack, Abigail, and Chad weren’t at the Horton House or the Dimera House – where were they?

And poor Abe, where was Turkey Day?

Allie and Tripp Reel / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Jack: It was so small! I know between budget issues and COVID restrictions they can’t get a lot of people, but it seemed like such a waste to use this Horton dining set for just Julie, Doug, Shawn, Kayla and Beautiful. Where were Jack and Abby? It is also their home.

Over the past few years we may have had several Thanksgiving celebrations at different homes, but this time we only had one, and that was mainly for MarDevil to come in and try to stir up trouble. .

I would have loved to see Thanksgiving at the Brady Pub instead of seeing people hanging out outside the pub and then not being seen again or going out and doing something else.

Christine: I was hoping we would see Tripp, Allie, and Henry come in and out of several Thanksgiving meals, witness each other’s chaos, and then move on. It could have been a lot of fun.

Salem celebrates Thanksgiving - Days of Our Lives

Anna with an ax, Susan stabbed herself, Doug was freed from Bayview, the MarDevil was discovered, and more! What scenario or event are you most grateful for this week in Salem?

Matt4Days: I’m glad the possession was on display just to hopefully see her start to subside. I’m also happy that Doug and Julie have been reunited. I loved their scenes this week.

I think any fan of the show felt like Kayla, as she watched them with tears in her eyes. I’m also grateful that Paulina acknowledged her actions, didn’t play the victim card, and treated Chanel with respect.

Jack: I am thankful that Doug is back from Bayview! Ultimately! Julie’s uncertainty as to whether he would be better and her determination to keep him at home were also perfect.

The Devil Crashes The Horton Thanksgiving / Tall - Days of Our Lives

I was also grateful for Chanel and Paulina’s heart to heart and for EJ to show a softer side with Susan.

Christine: There was so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving in Salem! Julie singing “Always” to Doug was the most special moment of the hour.

The devil showing up to everyone and trashing the Horton Thanksgiving was memorable.

Susan stabbing herself to save EJ was both shocking and poignant. And who will forget Anna wielding an ax to save John!

It was one of the most memorable vacations Salem has had in a long time.

Jack Overhears / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Which current character are you most grateful for in Salem?

Matt4Days: I know this won’t be a popular commentary, but I’ve never been a fan of Steve. I’ve watched all my life, and I’ve really never been too excited when he’s on the web.

But – I’ll say, I’ve really grown to appreciate it a lot in the last few weeks. I’m grateful for how he never gave up and put things back together enough to reunite with John and Susan.

Jack: My all-time favorite character isn’t in Salem right now, but Johnny reminds me of that, so I’m grateful to him. I’m always happy to see Julie and Doug too.

Paulina confronts Marlena / Tall - Days of Our Lives

And I might be in the minority here, but I love Paulina a lot and I would like others to be fairer to her with all this mess of fatherhood.

Christine: I know not everyone will agree, but I am very grateful for the new EJ. He really added a bit of sarcastic fun to the show, and I appreciate everything from his edginess at his brother to his seduction of Nicole, to Rafe, and then his incredibly sweet moment with Susan.

EJ has become the Salem gift that keeps on giving, and I just want more.

EJ receives a surprise visitor / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Now it’s your turn, TV fanatics!

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