Days of Our Lives recap: Lucas tells Kate he’s headed to jail for kidnapping Sami

Bryan Dattilo

As of today days of our lives to sum up:

Horton Square: Kate advises Lucas to plead insanity, but he claims he knew what he was doing. Lucas tells her that he changed his guilty plea. Kate is upset that the lawyer on HER payroll did not inform her. When Kate pushes, Lucas admits that Allie influenced him about his responsibility.

Lucas says he wants to move on and win back Allie’s trust. Kate tries to understand, but is even more worried that Lucas has already been convicted. He explains that he pleaded guilty to second-degree kidnapping and will receive a three-year sentence. Kate wonders why she’s there and he tells her he has to say goodbye. Kate says she’s proud of Lucas and hugs him. Lucas calls Allie.

Brady Pub: Abe and Paulina come over to chat with Roman. Paulina explains that she is seeking his opinion on Abe’s candidacy for governor. Roman wonders if Abe is really interested and thinks the decision is up to him.

Paulina moves the conversation to Roman who forgives Kate. Roman says Paulina is ambushing him, but she takes up Kate’s cause. Roman claims he understands why Kate was protecting Lucas and explains his history with Eric, and how he let him take responsibility for his DUI. Paulina still thinks finding love at their age is worth the extra effort. Roman will not move as long as Lucas is pampered by Kate, who claims his freedom.

Kate comes in and she wants to talk to Roman. She tells him that Lucas is in jail. Kate says she will accept her role and plead guilty as an accomplice after the fact. She decides to leave that to Roman, Abe, and Paulina to chew on.

Bistro: Chanel and Allie ask Alex about the type of women he likes, just as Gabi enters. Allie introduces them, but Alex recognizes her. Alex and Gabi discuss their connection with Arianna. Gabi accepts Alex’s offer for a drink. When Alex heads to the bar, Gabi and the Chanel fan girl discuss their love for each other’s trademarks.

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Alex returns and flirts via business chat ensues. Gabi ends up leaving and Alex offers the trio to continue their night in a hot shower. Chanel turns him down, so Alex leaves for the bar. As the girls are talking about Alex and his marriage proposal, Allie receives a call from Lucas.

Salem Inn: Chloe tells Brady that Leo is under investigation, but wonders if he is capable of killing. The conversation turns to Rachel and Kristen, and how Brady has to deal with custody. He and Chloe talk about the possibility of Kristen kidnapping Rachel. Chloe tells her that Kristen isn’t going anywhere unless Brady follows her. Brady assures Chloe that Kristen won’t come between them and that they have sex.

Rolf’s Secret Lab: Kristen searches for Rolf, but meets Li and wonders what he’s doing at the lab. Li claims he just found out that DiMera was funding this lab off the books. Kristen hears the alarm on Stefan’s machinery, but manages to keep him alive. She accuses Li of deliberately “unplugging” her. Li claims he is the reason Stefan is alive and says he helped Rolf keep the secret to keep the family from getting too hopeful.

Kristen deduces that Li changed her mind when he got involved with Gabi because she dumped him for Stefan. Kristen takes control of her brother’s care and wants him to wake up…NOW.

Li and Kristen talk about her plan to torment Chloe, but Li has suggestions to make her job easier…and it involves Stefan. He reminds Kristen of Stefan and Chloe and thinks they might rekindle his feelings. Kristen points out that this would also free Stefan from Gabi. Li agrees, saying “two birds, one stone”.

When alone, Kristen tells Stefano that he would be her favorite brother if he could stop Chloe and Brady for good.

Another part of the Salem Inn: Gabi meets Li, who tells her what he was really doing tonight.

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