Days of Our Lives recap: Julie’s wish comes true as Belle releases Doug from Bayview on Thanksgiving

Shawn and Belle come to see Julie on Thanksgiving. Julie asks if there’s any news from Doug. Belle tells him that she has filed a motion to rescind Marlena’s power of attorney. However, they likely won’t hear from them until Monday due to the long holiday weekend. Shawn consoles Julie while Belle phones. After hanging up, Belle reports that they had a compassionate judge who wouldn’t wait to rule. Julie officially has a medical power of attorney and can see Doug today. Julie kisses Belle in tears, then enthusiastically prepares to see her husband. However, she still has a lot to do for Thanksgiving dinner. Belle sends Shawn off with Julie, while she finishes the preparations.

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Steve comes home to find Kayla baking a pie. He reports that he was sent on a wild goose hunt to find John. MarDevil apologizes for not having replied to their messages. Steve glares at “Marlena”. She explains how busy she is with work and tells them about Abe’s explosive marriage. Steve gets up to call Abe. “Marlena” casually calls him a good friend. Kayla asks “Marlena” to let Julie see Doug today. “Marlena” is sorry, but she can’t help. Steve then asks her to help him, to find John. “Marlena” insists that she has no idea where he is, but she has to respect the fact that he is working. She knows he will come back to her. They question her jaded attitude, but she says they need to trust a Higher Power. After “Marlena” leaves, Kayla asks if Steve is buying any of this. Steve shakes his head and says, “Not a word.” Kayla leaves to see Julie, confirming that she will see Steve at the Pub later.

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Kayla finds Belle at Horton House and learns that Julie can finally see Doug. They share their concerns about “Marlena’s” lack of compassion and wonder what happened to her. Julie returns with exuberance. Shawn follows her, rolling around Doug who is sitting in a wheelchair.

Allie meets Tripp with Henry in front of Sweet Bits. Tripp shows her a Thanksgiving photo they drew. Allie notes that Henry didn’t get his artistic ability from her, which leads them to talk about Charlie. Tripp confirms that Rafe has unearthed his grave and that he is there, undisturbed. They discuss Thanksgiving plans, which are so busy Tripp makes a spreadsheet.

Allie, Tripp and Henry are all smiles reading in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

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Chanel wakes up with a start in bed with Johnny. She had the nightmare that Paulina had a heart attack, after confronting her about the marriage. He knows that Chanel did what she thought was best at the wedding and complains about having complicated mothers. However, he says, they need to lead their own lives and not feel guilty. Chanel wishes they could stay there forever so that she doesn’t have to face her family. Johnny doesn’t know forever, but they might have a hell of a day, considering he lives in a mansion with servants. They kiss passionately.

As they laugh after having sex, Johnny suggests that Chanel flee to Italy with him. Allie can run the bakery, and he can work on the movie while they’re on vacation. It will only be a few weeks. She thanks him for doing this for her and they kiss.

Paulina and Olivia talk about Lani on Days of Our Lives

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At home, Olivia and Paulina go over the wedding events. Olivia wonders why her daughter couldn’t be alone enough. Paulina said she followed her heart by falling in love with Abe, but Olivia thinks she needs to start following his head. Paulina can’t believe her mother wants to give her a sermon rather than a hug when she’s at the bottom. Olivia walks over to give her a hug, assuring her daughter that she loves her.

Later, Paulina finds Olivia dressed to leave. Olivia explains that she was invited to Lani’s for Thanksgiving. Dismayed, Paulina points out that she was also part of the lie. Olivia doesn’t understand either, but suggests that she contact Chanel. Paulina wonders how Chanel got to know her secret. Olivia knows it was this woman, Marlena Evans. She relates that “Marlena” had a smug look on her face, as if she already knew that Paulina was Lani’s mother. Paulina admits she told him. Olivia receives a message indicating that her car is there for dinner. Before leaving, she reiterates that “Marlena” is not very good.

MarDevil has yellow eyes outside, while holding a knife on Days of Our Lives

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Later, Chanel sneaks into the apartment to retrieve her passport. Paulina glares and says, “Well. Look what the cat was hanging out. “

Outside the crypt, MarDevil ponders what to do with John and Susan. She pulls out a knife and says it’s time to kill two birds with one stone.

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