Days of Our Lives Recap: Chanel Tells TR About Lani, Johnny Casts Doubt

As we enter Salem today, Tripp accompanies Allie to work, all in love. She apologizes for being so distracted and not communicating with him as much lately, but he never even noticed. He then assures her that everything is fine, although she continues to apologize. “You are the kindest, most caring person I’ve ever known, and I’m grateful to have you in my life,” she told him. Then things turn to Henry and how Tripp would make (and already does) a great dad. He likes the thought. TR roams just before Chanel.

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He wants to talk to her about Allie about their roles in Possesses. None of them will work on Johnny’s film, they tell TR. He informs them that they are both under contract with his production company, and he is happy to sue them if they don’t. TR tries to sympathize, saying he knows what happened with Johnny, thanks to Paulina, and notes that he met Chanel’s “cousin”, Lani. No, no, Chanel corrects him. “She’s not my cousin, she’s my sister.” Whoops. TR immediately begins assembling the parts, then rushes off, having lost interest in their contracts.

At Brady’s Pub, Tripp informs Roman that he plans to propose to Allie when he asks where Sami and Lucas are. Allie’s grandfather is surprised, but Tripp tells her he’s loved her all along. Either way, he never stopped loving her or Henry. That’s great, Roman said, “But how’s Allie feeling?” He says he’s sure she loves him before Tripp gets involved, especially after what happened with Johnny and Chanel. Roman’s two grandchildren were alone too young because Sami was a horrible mother. “I am not your grandson. I would never treat Allie like Johnny treated Chanel.

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Gabi and Jake, meanwhile, are having dinner at Brady’s when she receives a text from Johnny saying they need to talk. And by talking, he means inviting her in for some “heavy breathing” during her workout. Jake asks to see his phone, then laughs at all the emojis. “I thought this guy was supposed to have some sort of fancy upbringing.” Gabi tells him she has to leave, but Jake begins to worry that he’s going to end up getting cut.

At the DiMera mansion, Chanel knocks on the door and throws the divorce papers to her future ex-husband. “I wanted the satisfaction of saying ‘John Roman DiMera’, you’ve just been served.” He is in disbelief at her demands, but Chanel happily informs him that she is going to steal everything he has before leaving.

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“You’ve been married a million times. How much child support did you pay? Johnny then asks for Stefano’s portrait. Gabi shows up and asks her to talk to a board, then Johnny asks if she knew her grandfather well. A little, but they weren’t close. She did, however, admire his business acumen. Speaking of which… Gabi and Jake vote Victor to the DiMera board and she becomes CEO. Johnny wants to know what’s in it for him.

Johnny oscillates between flirty and arrogant, telling Gabi that Jake is “a dead weight”, and that it was time to ditch him. He tries to convince her that Jake is just using him. However, she trusts her man. All right, Johnny agrees to vote as Gabi wishes “as a sign of good faith”. Her phone mysteriously dies, however, when she tries to call Jake and tell him the good news. Well, Johnny won’t regret what he did, she said before leaving. No, Johnny thinks when Gabi is gone, but she and Jake will.

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Paulina knocks on Lani’s door and tells her surprised daughter that they are heading south for the winter. She is determined to keep Lani and TR from crossing paths. Lani is confused, but Paulina claims she’s never wintered somewhere like this and needs to head south, so they should go to her giant Miami house. Lani stops him. “I know what you’re doing.” She thinks Paulina just got swept away after hearing her scream “Mom!” when the chandelier fell. It’s touching, but she’s not ready yet. Paulina needs to calm down for now.

But mom doesn’t take “no” for an answer. Big Momma is on her own, and Paulina promised she would do whatever it takes to get Lani and the kids there, just for a few weeks. Lani insists she’s not giving up on Chanel. That’s so sweet, they’ll bring Chanel with them! All right, Lani’s okay, if she can get some free time.

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Ben notices that the cross is upside down and slowly puts it back in place, clearly annoyed. As soon as he leaves, he comes back down. Jake knocks on the door and lets her know that the cross has returned again, and then they start discussing life. “That insistent little creep is after Gabi,” Jake said.

He then tells Ben about everything that’s going on with Johnny and Chanel, and their plan to put Victor on the DiMera board, Gabi in charge of Titan, and Jake in charge of DiMera. But this plan to convince Johnny to help him makes Jake nervous. And if you can’t trust Johnny, Ben said. As long as you can trust Gabi. Of course he does, Jake says, but there’s something wrong with Johnny. Some people are just plain evil. “I think Johnny is one of those guys.”

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In the final moments of the show, Roman gives Tripp his blessing, Paulina tells Chanel they’re heading to Miami, and TR shows up at Lani’s doorstep. Gabi overhears Jake asking Maggie for a written guarantee that he will be named CEO of DiMera. Maggie thought he would want one, but making Gabi CEO of Titan is not on the cards. Jake assures her that it’s not a problem.

Is Gabi about to make the biggest mistake of her life by mingling with the devil? Maybe, but she already has a lot of mistakes to overcome. Relive them all in a gallery of Camila Banus’ most memorable moments as Gabi.

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