Coco Austin gives daughter Chanel acrylic nails for school photos



All dolled up! Coco austin helped her 5 year old daughter, Chanel, get dressed for her school photo day.

“For the special occasion, I let Chanel do mini-tips on her nails,” the 42-year-old actress captioned an Instagram photo from Thursday, September 23 of the smiling little girl in a white collar shirt, cardigan red and a matching bow. “I love to style her hair. My little doll, that’s what I call her.

Chanel Austin

Courtesy of Coco Austin / Instagram

While some of the Los Angeles native’s Instagram followers gushed over Chanel’s look, writing that she “still gets the mission” and is “perfect as always,” others hit her acrylic nails.

“Too young for the nails!” one Instagram troll commented, while another wrote: “Why was she given advice but was she still going, is it a baby or a young woman?”

The model’s upload to social media came a month after she exclusively said Us weekly that Chanel “still” is breastfeeding.

“It’s a great bonding moment for a mother and her child,” Austin said in August. “[She] like a little snack every now and then. … Why take that away from him? If she doesn’t want it, okay, that’s where you stop her. But I’m not just going to say no.

The Ice cream likes coconut alum doubled down on Twitter after her comments sparked backlash, writing that Chanel’s breastfeeding made her “feel wanted.” She explained, “Getting a lot of love from moms on my social media platforms who understand the ‘boobs thing.’ Thank you. The feeling of that bond is indescribable.

Austin’s husband, Ice-T, came to his defense at the time. “News flash! The rapper, 63, tweeted. “We feed Chanel FOOD. She just likes to suck mom’s tits every now and then. Me too!!! Newsflash ! I am still breastfeeding! Every chance I can. … Why is the F worried about MY Child ??? This is what is weird. Now go back to the basement.

The couple previously told We in September 2019 that Chanel eats “cheeseburgers… and fried chili” in addition to breast milk.

“She only breastfeeds … like, when she cries [and] she just wants to get closer to her mom ”, the Law & Order: Special Victims Assistance Unit star said We at the time. “She throws the breast and… holds on.” She does not do this for food.

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