Chanel’s ‘Disappointing’ Advent Calendar Had Good Products and Good Packaging, But Priced Too High

You’re probably no longer in the market for an Advent calendar, unless you get one. very jump early on the next holiday season.

If you are, however, you might want to think twice about Chanel’s glitzy advent calendar, which nails the brand’s packaging and look, but disappointed buyers enough last December that ‘it’s making waves online.

After purchasing the Advent Calendar, which cost $ 825, some shoppers expected the products to match the price and previous advertisements, which made it seem like they would receive premium gifts all of them. the days of the month.

In fact, under the chic printed design, which looks like a giant paper bottle of Chanel perfume, there were only 21 days of freebies instead of 24, and some customers were upset that they received stickers, a magnet. , a bookmark. and a keychain rather than high-end cosmetics.

This has led to reactions online, with critical posts on various social media platforms. One A TikTok user posted an unboxing of the Advent calendar, and had a few choice words on the stickers inside. Some websites have reported that the backlash led to Chanel deactivating her TikTok account, but the brand debunked this by claiming the account had never been active.

For a brand like Chanel, the name is often more important than the actual product it appears on, which means things like stickers would, theoretically, have a higher perceived value. We see it with other brands, like Supreme.

“I could argue that for most luxury brands you pay for a name versus the item you get, but that stuff pushes the boundaries a bit,” said the founder of Unmarketing. Radio-Canada.

In the end, Chanel got a bad press, but that’s mostly because of the price. Branded Advent calendars are big these days, and this one in particular has made good use of small promotional items to add variety to the countdown. And the overall branding and packaging was strong. In this case, however, $ 825 sets customer expectations far too high.

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