Chanel West Coast seduces with her patterned bodycon dress

American musician Chanel West Coast looks stunning in her latest Instagram post and, like us, fans can’t get enough of this celeb’s stunning outfits and daring accessories.

Previously, Chanel gave us a bikini top and miniskirt combo that we absolutely had to add to our wish list for the upcoming summer. But, the celeb proved she has a lot more summer outfits where that came from as she wore a gorgeous patterned bodycon dress that hugged her slim figure so easily. The piece shows off her toned shoulders on top but covers the lower half of her body with her green and blue fabric.

In addition to the dress, the celebrity news instagram post also showed off her bright green chunky heeled sandals along with her green shoulder bag which certainly surprised us as you rarely see a star wear such a bold color in her outfits. Finally, Chanel‘s cat-eye sunglasses demand all the attention simply because they are an iconic addition in every way.

See Chanel West Coast’s Instagram snap below.

Chanel West Coast Patterned Bodycon Dress

As the dope person that she is, Chanel West Coast didn’t hesitate to let us into one where she got all her pieces from. His midi dress with spaghetti straps is from fashion company Alice + Olivia and currently retails for $350.00 while his Bottega Veneta the shoes, which she picked up from My Theresa, are priced at $990.00. Speaking of Bottega, she also had his sunglasses and she leather pouch pouch is also from the Italian luxury fashion house, priced at $620.00 and $1,850, respectively.

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“This whole outfit 🔥🔥🔥 gorgeous,” one commenter said. Another also couldn’t resist letting Chanel know she looked fabulous, commenting, “So that’s the west coast life, huh, the fancy boat life and glamour.” We’re not sure exactly what “chic boat life glamor” means, but we can say it fits this celebrity to a T.

Hopefully we’ll get even more glamorous pics from Chanel West Coast in the near future, especially as she continues to hunt her bag and live her life to the fullest.

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