Chanel West Coast Launches New ‘The Versace Diaries’ Two-Pack

The Versace Diaries EP, which was released by Chanel West Coast, features two songs written in collaboration with Minus Gravity aka Apollo Liberace, Justin Love, DJ Kittie, Yowda and Juss Swoop. The tracks are titled “Versaci Mami” and “Versace Robe”.

The compilation, a tribute to Versace’s influence on music, fashion and lifestyle, was created when Chanel was traveling with a group of extraordinarily talented and like-minded artists.

“Versace Robe” is inspired by the distinctive sparkle that surrounds vivid fashion and adoration for the legendary Versace World. Minus Gravity and Justin Love are featured in the song, which was written and released by Chanel West Coast. KE on the Track is the producer of the song. As Minus Gravity aka Apollo Liberace pushes the boundaries of musical artistry, his followers around the world have already tuned in to hear his distinctive fusion of energizing rock, melodic R&B and lyrical hip hop. Popular singers and producers, including HER, Alicia Keys and Jermaine Dupri, have praised the work of singer, songwriter and producer Justin Love.

The unique style and vivid fashion surrounding the Versace world served as the inspiration for “Versace Mami”. In 2021, the song was written. The song is ideal for the stylish pregnant woman now. DJ Kittie along with Chanel West Coast, Minus Gravity and Yowda contributed songwriting and performance. DJ Kittie and Jus Swoop produced the song.

“Our group of friends and collaborators vacationed in Miami and Las Vegas, while wearing Versace, which laid the foundation for the inspiration for the pieces,” Chanel said. “We all walked into the studio together and thought, just do some magic! It’s fun, loud and rhythmic.

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