Chanel launches the limited edition Les 4 Ombres eye shadows

The luxury fashion label launches its limited-edition line of tweed-inspired eyeshadow palettes in four-color harmonies.

Innovative by nature and bold in style, the house of Chanel has long defined itself by its forward-thinking approach to fashion, leaving iconic trends in its wake that have stood far beyond the test of time. So when dreaming up the concept for Chanel’s next makeup must-have, the house need look no further than its own heritage: the iconic tweed designs first introduced nearly a century ago by Gabrielle Chanel herself.

Encouraging us to dress our eyes in tweed – a material that symbolizes the endless possibilities and creative freedom synonymous with the luxury designer brand – Chanel announces the limited-edition Les 4 Ombres eye shadows. Mimicking the intricacy and depth of woven material, each shade patch is embossed with a tweed pattern, allowing the vibrant, shimmering shades to enter a whole new dimension. Encased in the classic quadruple eye first created in 1982, the capsule comes in four color harmonies that range from sunset crimson to budding pink; a kaleidoscope of shades that suit all faces, all seasons and all times.

Harnessing the effortless elegance of tweed pieces, the shadows are filled with pigments that glide seamlessly across lids – blending easily to create versatile, unique looks every time. Demonstrating once again Chanel’s innate ability to enhance everyday objects, Les 4 Ombres eye shadow comes with tweed pouches crafted by Maison Lesage, an extraordinary reimagining of the look and feel of a makeup product.

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