Chanel Haynes Says Rolling Stones Concert Cost Her ‘Tina’ Job

Haynes, who for a few months played the legendary Tina Turner in the musical based on her life, said rolling stone magazine that she was canned after agreeing to perform “Gimme Shelter” with the band.

The show, in Milan on June 21, was the Rolling Stones’ first performance since singer Mick Jagger recovered from Covid-19.

Haynes told the magazine that she was flown without notice from London to Milan to replace backup singer, Sasha Allen, who was unable to perform for an unspecified reason.

“I can’t say exactly when I got the call because I don’t want to give any deadlines,” Haynes said. “But I’ll tell you there was very little notice. Very little. Everyone was biting their nails. ‘How are we going to get there’ But I’m telling you the machine the Stones have is like Buckingham Palace or the White House. They have the same level of staff. The next thing I knew I was on a plane to Milan.”

She and Jagger rehearsed the song once before the show, she said, and video of the performance was shared on Youtube.
Haynes posted on Instagram an email she said she later received from the general manager of “Tina” that informed her that she had been suspended from production.

“The theater will be notified that you are not permitted to enter,” the email read.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, Haynes declined to elaborate on his suspension, but insisted it was because of his Rolling Stones performance, which happened on a night when ‘Tina’ was also performing. .

Her “greatest heartbreak,” she said, was that her friends and family, including a domestic violence survivor who helped her prepare to play Turner, who was abused by her husband from at the time, Ike Turner, were flying for what had to be her. final performance with “Tina”.

“She was my muse. She was the person who helped me tell this story properly from her perspective,” Haynes said. “I also couldn’t say goodbye to the children in the cast. It was difficult.”

A production representative told Rolling Stone magazine in a statement, “This is an employee-related matter, and as a company policy, we do not comment on individual personnel-related cases.”

CNN has asked for comment.

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