Chanel Harris-Tevita ruptured testicle, Casualty Ward, Payne Haas shoulder; injuries, ins and outs, return dates, Adam Reynolds HIA

Broncos star Payne Haas suffered a Grade 1 strain to his AC joint and faces a potential pass on the sidelines.

Haas initially injured his shoulder last week but managed to finish the game. The representative prop hurt him again in Thursday’s win over the Sharks.

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“Payne Haas is an incredible human being. He hasn’t finished a practice session with that shoulder yet,” commentator Corey Parker said.

“We saw him late in the first half holding that shoulder. He obviously received needles. It will be amazing to see how long he gets into the season before that pulls him up.

However, Haas eventually left midway through the second half and headed for the tunnel.

“Payne Haas just came out, I don’t know if it’s a standard interchange, but it goes straight up the tunnel,” Parker said.

“It’s an AC injury and I spoke to a few players before and they said he didn’t have a training session this week.

“That’s obviously a major concern for Payne Haas.”

The club issued a statement on Friday confirming the seriousness of the injury and stressed that medical staff would not take any risks with Haas.

“We saw Payne this morning at the club and he’s pulled off well, but again, we’ll have to see how it settles down over the next few days,” Broncos performance manager Dave Ballard said.

“His preparation for next week’s game will be adjusted to maximize his chances of playing but we won’t take any chances.”

It comes after coach Kevin Walters admitted Haas was in doubt for the next week after the game.

“He’s in doubt again for sure,” Walters said.

“It’s quite sore in there tonight. But he’s as hard as old boots. We’ll make sure to get him medically treated and he’ll probably have scans.

“Medical staff who I have great confidence in and Payne as well. We are not trying to overload it. If his shoulder is not well, he will not play next week.

Meanwhile, the Broncos suffered another scare Thursday when halfback Adam Reynolds left the field for an HIA.

Reynolds was down for a few moments before stumbling off the pitch clutching his face after cutting an accidental elbow from Sharks fullback William Kennedy, as he attempted a tackle.

Luckily Reynolds got through and was able to come back.

“It was crucial that Adam Reynolds get this HIA right,” Parker said.

“He had a few runaway stitches and returned to the pitch after half-time.


Warriors star Chanel Harris-Tavita has reportedly ruptured her testicle in the Warriors’ 70-10 loss to the Melbourne Storm on Monday night.

According to Newshub NZ, the injury was sustained in the 34th minute in a violent clash with team-mate Josh Curran’s knee.

Despite the injury result, Harris-Tavita managed to finish the game with no missed tackles despite the stinging defeat.

The Samoan representative will have a two-week stint on the sidelines and is expected to return to play in round 10.


Adam Reynolds (nose/concussion) – returned to the field

Payne Haas (shoulder) – TBC

Chanel Harris-Tavita (testicle) – Round 10


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Adam Reynolds (nose/concussion) – returned to the field

Payne Haas (shoulder) – TBC

Brendan Piakura (hamstrings) – Round 10

Patrick Carrigan (knee) – Round 12

Tesi Niu (hamstrings) – Round 17

Albert Kelly (foot) – Round 20-21

Xavier Willison (knee) – mid-season

Jake Turpin (shoulder) – undefined


Elliott Whitehead (facial cut) – Round 8

Jamal Fogarty (knee) – Round 15-17

Josh Hodgson (knee) – season

Harley Smith-Shields (knee) – season


Josh Jackson (Covid protocols) – Round 9

Brandon Wakeham (calf) – Round 9

Braidon Burns (hamstrings) – Round 15

Corey Allan (hamstrings) – indefinite

Chris Patolo (concussion) – indefinite

Raymond Faitala-Mariner (foot) – indefinite term

Matt Doorey (knee) – mid-season

Jack Hetherington (shoulder) – season

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Dale Finucane (concussion) – Round 9

Braden Hamlin-Uele (pectoral) – undetermined

Connor Tracey (groin) – indefinite


Joe Vuna (knee) – mid-season

Shalin Fuller (leg) – season


Dylan Walker (knee) – Round 8

Sean Keppie (concussion) – Round 8

Marty Taupau (Covid protocols) – Round 8

Josh Schuster (ankle) – Round 8-9

Tom Trbojevic (knee) – Round 9-10

Josh Aloiai (shoulder) – Round 9-11

Taniela Paseka (knee) – indefinite

Andrew Davey (shoulder) – undefined

Morgan Boyle (ankle) – indefinite


Reimis Smith (shot to the head/wound to the face) – Round 8

Tom Eisenhuth (Covid protocols) – Round 8

Will Warbrick (Covid Protocols) – Round 8

Dean Ieremia (hamstrings) – Round 10

Christian Welch (Achilles) – season

George Jennings (knee) – season


Brodie Jones (elbow) – Round 8

Jirah Momoisea (elbow) – Round 9

Lachlan Fitzgibbon (knee) – Round 9-10

Mat Croker (jaw) – Round 10

Bailey Hodgson (elbow) – Round 10

Mitchell Barnett (suspended) – Round 10

Dominic Young (knee) – Round 11

Dane Gagai (Cheekbone) – Round 12

Hymel Hunt (Cheekbone) – Round 13

Jayden Brailey (Achilles) – mid-season

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Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow (knee) – Round 8

Mitchell Dunn (knee) – season


Tom Opacic (neck) – Round 8

Solomone Naiduki (hamstrings) – Round 8

Sean Russell (ribs/lung) – Round 8-10

Waqa Blake (knee) – Round 11-12

Maika Sivo (knee) – mid-season

Marata Niukore (hamstrings) – undefined

Haze Dunster (knee) – season

Ray Stone (knee) – season


Brian To’o (knee) – Round 9-10

Moses Leota (shoulder) – Round 9-10


Hame Sele (concussion) – Round 8

Mark Nicholls (ankle) – Round 11-12

Jacob Host (shoulder) – Round 12-13

Latrell Mitchell (hamstrings) – Round 13

Zane Bijorac (knee) – Round 16-17

Jed Cartwright (back) – indefinite


Jack Bird (arm) – Round 8

Max Feagai (ankle) – undefined

Billy Burns (foot) – indefinite

Jaydn Su’A (ankle) – indefinite

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Connor Watson (throat) – Round 10

Egan Butcher (foot) – indefinite

Billy Smith (foot) – undefined


Ben Murdoch-Masila (leg) – Rounds 8-9

Jack Murchie (calf) – Round 8-9

Kodi Nikorima (Covid Protocols) – Round 9

Marcelo Montoya (suspended) – Round 10

Josh Curran (knee) – Round 10-11

Ash Taylor (hip) – indefinite

Dallin Watene-Zelezniak (concussion) – indefinite

Tohu Harris (knee) – mid-season

Tom Ale (knee) – mid-season

Chanel Harris Tavita (Testicle) – Round 10


Jake Simpkin (ankle) – Round 8

Adam Doueihi (knee) – Round 10-14

Stefano Utoikamanu (ankle) – Round 11-12

Daine Laurie (knee) – Round 12-14

Tommy Talau (knee) – mid-season

Asu Kepaoa (pectoral) – mid-season

James Roberts (lower back) – undefined

Shawn Blore (ACL) – season

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