Chanel Cruise 2022 Replica Show in Miami Collection Review

To generate even more publicity for its cruise collection and jealously entice its legion of fashion lovers, Chanel enlisted Sofia and Roman Coppola to lead a short film promoting his stopover at the Faena Hotel in Miami. (The parade first took place on the beach in Monte Carlo in May.) On The Go-Go’s “This Town” soundtrack, vintage-tinted vignettes feature the city’s biggest hits. coastline, including Ocean Drive, Art Deco Architecture, sprawling beaches and, as a finishing touch, the house’s signature CCs scrawled across the sand. The lyrics say it all: “This town is our town / It’s so glamorous / I bet you’d live here if you could / And be one of us.”

Lily-Rose Depp attends Chanel‘s Cruise 2022/2023 show in Miami.

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In the past 24 hours, anyone who wasn’t in South Florida probably wished they were there…for once. From the idyllic setting overlooking the ocean to the star-studded guest list (Lily Rose-Depp, Marion Cotillard and Lori Harvey), performances (Nile Rodgers and Chic with a Pharrell Williams cameo for “Get Lucky”), and the spread (quintessential Florida like stone crab claws, Cuban sliders and key lime pie), these were, to quote Rodgers moaning into the microphone, good times. And that’s not counting the clothes.

Against the backdrop of red and white striped umbrellas and lounge chairs, the collection blended old-world French glamor and athleticism, particularly motor racing and racquet sports, with models holding biker helmets and wearing padded leather tennis bags on their shoulders. The silhouettes ran the gamut from jumpsuits to tailored suits and, for the finale, an elegant long-sleeved sequined dress, but the retro-meets-motorsport theme becomes most apparent in the details – think: leather racing gloves. crochet, dresses emblazoned with starter flags, and baseball caps in Chanel’s signature tweed.

nile rodgers

Nile Rodgers performs at the after-party.

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Although originally presented on the French Riviera, the collection is moving seamlessly to American shores. It may not be a coincidence that Formula 1 also took place in Miami this year, further cementing the venue as the new Monaco. When asked why the resort destination was the perfect location for his replica cruise show the following day during a masterclass held at the Faena Forum, Bruno Pavlovsky, President of Chanel’s Fashion Activities and President of Chanel SAS, said answered: “Why Miami? Chanel loves Miami. And really, what’s not to like?

lori harvey arden cho ella balinska

Lori Harvey, Arden Cho and Ella Balinska.

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Check out the final looks from the Chanel Cruise 2022/2023 show in Miami below.

chanel cruise 2022 2023 miami

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