Blackpink’s Jennie jazzes up her leather jacket with a camellia brooch worth Rs. 2 lakh as an individual teaser

Jennie served up one look after another! From her Y2K-inspired look in the title track reveal poster to MTV’s red carpet outfit, the Blackpink member never fails to make a statement. And that’s exactly what she did in the latest teaser photo for the girl group’s upcoming album.

As Chanel‘s global ambassador, often referred to as the ‘Human Chanel,’ the Blackpink member did not forget to integrate the brand into the outfit of her individual CLOSE teasing.

Flashing back a bit, in July of this year, Blackpink’s record label YG Entertainment announced that the girl group would be returning in September with their second full album, NE ROSE. This would mark their first album in almost two years, following the release of their first full album, The scrapbook, in October 2020.

With Jisoo and Jennie’s individual teasers dropping, we can say that their comeback looks are definitely going to be swoon-worthy. What caught our attention was Jennie’s leather jacket, especially the way she showed it off! Donning a massive camellia brooch on her leather jacket, Jennie’s bling pick is sure to burn a hole in your pocket. Before I tell you the price, take a look at the Blackpink member’s individual teaser photo:

Now that you have taken a good look at the brooch, let us tell you that it costs a whopping Rs. 2,000,000! Yes, you read that right. Direct from luxury fashion house Chanel’s Camellia collection, the broch costs a fortune.

Chanel39 official website
Chanel official website

According to Chanel’s official website, it was featured in Cannel’s 2021/22 crafts. The brooch is made of rhinestones, metal and crystals and is designed like a camellia like “the geometric curves of the flower lend themselves to an endless variety of styles, from the most naturalistic to the most abstract.”

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Meanwhile, in addition to their upcoming comeback, the girl group is set to kick off their NE ROSE world tour in October this year.

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