Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford made it official as a personalized Gucci

Like the 2022 CFDA Awards, which only took place a day or two later, LACMA’s 2022 Art + Film Gala was unsurprisingly a star-studded affair, marked by appearances from celebrity directors (Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino), artists (Barbara Kruger, Kehinde Wiley), and typically ubiquitous street style stars (Kim Kardashian, Sydney Sweeney).

Of all the red carpet moments, however, none was more inescapable than the arrival of Billie Eilish.

The pop star arrived on stage comfortably dressed in personalized Gucci pyjamas, posed cheek to cheek with her boyfriend Jesse Rutherford, lead singer of rock band The Neighbourhood.

Eilish and Rutherford are a relatively young couple. they only confirmed that they are dating by the end of October 2022.

So you might consider their bespoke Gucci pajamas a (perhaps incidental) reinterpretation of the instantly iconic ERL quilt outfit created for Rihanna and A$AP Rocky at the 2021 Met Gala that served as a major “we’ve arrived” moment. in pairs.

The Met Gala was a key event in Rih-Rih and Rocky’s backyard, highlighting to the world that the two A-list musicians didn’t just date—they even coordinated their damn outfits.

What followed was a whirlwind pregnancy and a string of power couple looks, cementing Rihanna and Rocky’s status as today’s celebrity couple (rare hiccups aside).

Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford will probably take things a little slower than Rih-Rih n’ Rocky, but they’ve already gone hand in hand, which is a good sign.

The couple who dress together, uh, don’t stress together? Hmm. Does the workshop.

Either way, this isn’t their first rodeo as a couple: Eilish and Rutherford rode it a week ago on Halloween 2022, her as a baby and he as an old man.

The costumes were presumably ironic, a conscious acknowledgment of the couple’s age difference (Eilish is 20, Rutherford is 31) and the slight controversy that has been sparked among Eilish’s fans as a result.

We’re not here to judge what two consenting adults do in their spare time, mind you, just report the facts.

The main event here is the custom Gucci that Eilish and Rutherford wore on the LACMA red carpet on Nov. 5 (and, yes, the evening was sponsored by the Kering-owned house to boot).

Everything Eilish and Rutherford wore was unique, from matching silk pajamas and eye mask to Gucci’s one-of-a-kind quilted blanket, because pajamas alone aren’t effortlessly sparkly enough.

The pajama style is very current. Celebrities step out of the house in Balenciaga hotel slides and UGGs worn with Tekla ensembles or fully printed lounge suits.

No longer a post-pandemic trend, pajamas are for every day, including a frou-frou red carpet.

Of course, no one owns this domain better than Billie.

Eilish has made a habit of not just wearing pajamas, but specifically taking ultra-luxe pajamas to hot-priced events, embodying an ease that’s an inherent contrast to the dressed up, layered looks you’d expect from celebrities doing their thing. take a photo.

It’s likely that the Rihanna and Rocky quilt connection was coincidental (quilt-cidental?), as Eilish didn’t have a reference in mind. Instead, she simply opted to extend her perpetual quest for comfort to another red carpet moment and took Rutherford with her, complete with double G monogrammed silk.

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