Best new for men this week, December 3, 2021


Do you feel this? That cold, crisp and somewhat debilitating air? This means winter is at hand, and you’re going to have to stock up on diapers and nappies, because now we have few excuses to stay home. And here’s to help you out this week’s menswear releases. We have a quilted coat from Kenzo and Khrisjoy that transforms the polar bear into a print full of personality. Taylor Stitch and Holubar have the perfect mattress topper for the great outdoors. And Marrfa Stance also has some great quilted options which are now available to us guys. When it comes to footwear, we’ve got season-appropriate Converse and A-Cold-Wall * shoes, retro sneakers from Prada, and sheepskin tops from Cariuma that will make getting out a little easier. But if you want to stay indoors, we also have a hooded jumpsuit (yes, a jumpsuit) from Bleusalt that keeps on giving, and in more ways than one.

It’s only going to get colder, so stay equally warm and stylish with the selection below.

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Chuck Taylor All Star studded

When A-Cold-Wall *, a futuristic-looking London-based boy label, released a stylized version of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, it sold like a gangbusters. If you missed your chance the first time around, don’t worry – the shoes are back in stock, so get them fast.

The Flatiron jacket

Taylor Stitch wants to outfit you for the great outdoors and has found the perfect match in Holubar, a pioneer in mountain clothing. The two brands have joined forces on The Flatiron, a serious parka that combines retro styling and technical prowess.

The 1Z

Bleusalt x Presley Gerber

Bleusalt and Presley Gerber’s onesie – yes, onesie – is not only stylish, comfortable and sustainably made, but 10 percent of the proceeds will go to A Sense of Home, an organization that provides homes for young people who go out. of the foster home.

Therma all in camel suede

For some time now, Cariuma has been offering very good sneakers, all from ethical sources and carbon neutral, ideal for sunny activities. Today the brand launched its first collection of sneakers, all in vegan suede and 100% recycled sheepskin, for the winter season.

Parka ‘Polar Bear’

Kenzo and streetwear label Khrishoy have teamed up to offer a collection of goose-down puffer jackets that meet the needs of bears. (Sorry, I had to do it.)

The quilt to share

Mafar Stance designer Georgia Dant returned to her male roots (she worked at Burberry and Rag & Bone), introducing unisex pieces to her collection of quilted mattress toppers that quickly became a favorite among fashion insiders.

Black long-sleeved t-shirt

Streetwear label Staple has teamed up with Sherwood Hockey on a collection of shirts, hoodies and gear that perfectly represent their two worlds.

Original America’s Cup sneakers

Prada’s nylon bags weren’t the only thing that dominated fashion in the ’90s; America’s Cup sneakers have also been launched in style circles. And since the trends of this decade are back in force, the brand has reissued the OG version of the shoe, down to materials, colors and proportions, for everyone’s enjoyment in 2021 and beyond.

Tito’s recipe for Button Down success

Tito’s x William Murray Golf

Bill Murray, Tito’s and golf are all pretty good on their own. But when you combine them into a collection of printed button down shirts, you’ve got something pretty amazing on your hands.

Eye_D sunglasses

Make your personality shine with Eye_D, a new collection from Spec_ial that allows you to fully personalize the names on the temples of your 14k gold sunglasses.

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