Asian Doll is not someone to be bothered with, and she proved it once again when someone tried to rip her chain off. In a video that surfaced on Sunday, Asian Doll can be seen in a physical altercation with another woman. Doll kicks the thief and says, “Dumb b***h, are you stupid?” as the crowd cheers. Someone behind the camera yells, “Stop messing with those Asians, spin that Asian shit. On the blood, spin that shit, Asian!”

Finally, the security guards rush in and separate the women. Asian then makes his way into a vehicle. After the fight, the would-be channel thief took to Facebook to explain what happened. “All the time she fucked with me,” she wrote. “I take this shit. I grabbed that shit with all my might. That shit didn’t come out.”

Asian Doll then hopped on Twitter to tell her side of the story, calling the woman “Mme Dior.” “We rip hoes they pretend to laugh with Dior it’s not funny,” she tweeted. “Touching the ground doesn’t even sound good to me Ms. Dior and when they kicked you out I ran after you and started beating you 1 on 1 you don’t even wanna fight no more bitch I become crazy in real life we ​​all from the hood tf.”

Asian then said she wasn’t going to talk about the fight initially, writing, “I’m not even talking about the situation and I wasn’t mad because I literally got my 1 on 1 and WON […] I needed this shit but got knots instead.” She continued to brag about the beating, “I’ll never fall and that’s a lot of niggas around me I even touch the ground,” she wrote. “After reaching that female dog saw nun other than stars […] don’t leave santa clause friday after the next lie y’all [cry laughing emoji] this dog was stressed and almost died.”