All about Gucci’s “The Jackie” bag that pays tribute to Jackie Kennedy

Over the years, a few celebrities have left an indelible mark on pop culture. These celebrities have become not only invaluable entertainment personalities, but also fashion icons – people like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are prime examples. However, no style icon is more inimitable than former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of John F. Kennedy. During her lifetime, she became a major fashion force, and her affinity for a particular handbag prompted fashion house Gucci to rename the bag in her honor.

Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Kennedy was a style icon

Former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy | Archive by Michael Ochs/Getty Images

Jackie Kennedy first came to prominence as the wife of President John F. Kennedy. Her unmistakable style and graceful personality set a precedent that all other White House residents would try to copy over the years, and people couldn’t get enough of her beautiful, tasteful fashion choices.

After JFK’s tragic death in 1963, Jackie Kennedy moved away from Washington in an attempt to protect herself and her children. But as she slipped away from the public eye, people loved her no less.

In the 1970s, Kennedy was seen carrying Gucci‘s G1244 bag, which was originally released in 1961. According to L’Officiel, Kennedy often wore the understated hobo bag as an accessory to match her signature tortoiseshell glasses. Eventually, Gucci renamed the bag in his honor, dubbing the style the “Jackie” bag.

Is Gucci’s ‘Jackie’ bag still available?

L’Officiel notes that the bag has become synonymous with Jackie Kennedy and she has been seen carrying it all over New York for years. She helped popularize the silhouette, and eventually other celebrities started sporting the bag. Over the years, the Jackie 1961 has been reinvented many times, with Gucci releasing many updated versions of the handbag.

In 2020, Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele released an updated version of the bag in the fall/winter collection, proving that good fashion never goes out of style. The Jackie 1961 is currently available for sale on the Gucci website, in many different colors and several different sizes. If you want to take home your very own 1961 Jackie, you can pick up the small shoulder bag for around $2,600 – with the mini version costing a bit less and the medium version around $2,800.

Other celebrities who have had handbags named after them

Jackie Kennedy may be one of the most famous examples of celebrities having handbags named after them, but several women have inspired their own iconic accessories.

The Birkin bag, a status symbol worn by everyone from members of the Kardashian family to major movie stars, was named after model Jane Birkin, according to L’Officiel. Former Hermès director Jean-Louis Dumas met Birkin by chance while on a flight, where he began chatting with the iconic model about the features his ideal bag would have – features like pockets and enough space. space to store all your essentials. Dumas heeded his recommendations and designed what everyone knows today as the Birkin bag.

Fashion house Dior‘s Lady Dior bag was inspired for its elegant square bag by Princess Diana, who became a fan of the bag in 1995. Originally, the design of the handbag had no name, but after Princess Diana ordered all available versions. of the bag, Dior has chosen to rename it in his honor. The Lady Dior bag is still closely associated with the late Princess Diana, one of the most recognizable and elegant women in the world.

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