Aldi shoppers praise £ 6 SpecialBuy perfume that smells ‘exactly like’ Dior and Tom Ford


Budget supermarket Aldi has released a £ 5.99 aftershave that is compared to designer brands Dior and Tom Ford.

from Aldi Lacura Féroce Eau De Toilette, which costs £ 5.99, has been described as “exactly like” Dior’s Sauvage and Tom Ford’s Black Orchid.

With a 100ml bottle of Sauvage for £ 75.60 at Boots and Black Orchid at £ 108, there is certainly a good deal to be had if you’re looking for your favorite scent on a budget.

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According to Aldi website, the aftershave Lacura is “radically fresh, raw and noble” and “is inspired by wide wild spaces, rocky landscapes and warm under the desert sun”.

Likewise, Dior‘s Sauvage is described online as “both raw and noble”, while Tom Ford says Black Orchid is said to be “modern and timeless”.

Fierce aftershave Aldi Lacura

Aldi’s Ferocious has racked up over 30 five-star reviews online, with many shoppers comparing it to more expensive brands.

Among reviewers praising the scent, one person said, “Don’t hesitate to buy. Spells exactly like the black orchid, also lasts.

A second wrote: “Excellent value. I bought it for my husband but opened it up to smell it, it just smells like TF Black Orchid so I kept it to myself as I wear this scent anyway. It lasts all day, so great value for money too.

A third customer added: “Exactly like wild. amazing dupe for my boy’s favorite aftershave. I had bought him the designer perfume which obviously lasts longer because it is an EDT, but considering that the original is 15 times the price, there is nothing wrong with it, it can refill and the wear everyday now if he wishes.

Another said: “Great smell, great value for money. I love high quality toiletries and bought £ 150 plus bottles of Tom Ford, Penhaligons, Acqua do Parma etc. .

“I would have happily paid 10 times more for a perfume like this in the past, but now I shop at Aldi. Remarkable!”

Aldi’s Lacura Ferocious Eau de Toilette is available in store and online for £ 5.99. You can buy the SpecialBuy here.

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