A unique Jaguar XJS Shooting Brake comes from the house of Gucci

A Jaguar XJS transformed into a Shooting Brake by bodybuilder Lynx will be auctioned in a few days at Bonham’s Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​auction.

The XJS was created in 1975 and keen to offer customers something unique, Lynx decided to develop a Shooting Brake version, launching the vehicle in 1982 as the Eventer. This particular model is more special than most.

Impressed with the Lynx Eventer, former design director and vice president of Gucci, Paolo Gucci, approached Lynx and began working with them to develop a special Gucci variant of the Eventer. The finished car was shown at the 1990 Geneva Motor Show, but the fashion house didn’t want its name attached to the project, so the entire Gucci branding was removed and while it was planned to build 20 units, a production never materialized, leaving this as the one and only Gucci Eventer.

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The car has changed hands several times since it was built in December 2014, being sold at a Bonhams auction to Ian Berg, a Jaguar enthusiast and owner of Complete Classic Car Solutions. Berg managed to contact two people involved in the original creation of the Gucci Eventer and embarked on a restoration. The car was stripped of its bare metal and repainted in a two-tone blue finish with a thin gold stripe along the sides of the car.

The interior was also restored as it was determined that scrapping and rebuilding it would be too expensive. The cabin is distinguished by bright blue leather on the seats, door panels, transmission tunnel and steering wheel. The listing shows that there are also various orange leather surfaces and gray trim on the dashboard and carpets.

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