BTS has achieved huge success not only in South Korea, but also around the world. Whether they’re attending talk shows in the United States, being nominated for a Grammy, or giving a speech at the UN, they’re showing the world why they’re always on the move.

All of the members of BTS are very loving and friendly by nature and this is one of the main reasons they individually build their huge fan base. One of the most popular people in BTS is definitely “V”. The most beautiful man on the planet is also one of the most sympathetic and jubilant characters. He enjoys making people around him happy with his sense of humor.

V is also a fan of the Gucci brand and it shows through his many photos that are surfacing on the internet. He likes to wear Gucci and also very expensive clothes. Some of the examples are below:

1. V was seen wearing this Gucci velvet jacket, the price is estimated to be around Rs. 4.30,000.

2. V adorned a green and white vest and one from Gucci for one of the BTS photoshoots, the price of this vest in Indian rupees is around 3.1 Lakhs.

3. For the famous song Dynamite, V wore an emerald green suit with the same matching pants and the same tie. The costume was from Gucci again and the price for this costume is around 2.4 Lakhs in Indian Rupees.

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