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From Lady Gaga to Adam Driver to Al Pacino to Salma Hayek to Jared Leto, Ridley Scott’s stylish new real crime drama Gucci House features some of the most sought after actors working in Hollywood today. The film received mixed reviews for its inconsistent tone, but the actors’ performances were universally praised.

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Between them, these actors have some exciting projects on the horizon, including a sci-fi thriller that sends Driver to a mysterious alien planet and a Marvel villain movie starring Leto as a “living vampire.” .

8 Al Pacino – Hunters Season 2 (TBD)

Al Pacino in Jordan Peele's First Amazon Series Trailer, Hunters

Al Pacino gives a wonderfully eccentric turn as Uncle Aldo in Gucci House. As he views his own son as a huge disappointment, Aldo gets too involved in his nephew’s life with his new wife. This leads to some of the film’s most memorable moments.

Pacino began playing his first leading role in an ongoing episodic TV series in 2020. In Amazon’s Hunters, Pacino leads a set of Nazi hunters in ’70s New York as Meyer Offerman. The first season was critically acclaimed and an impressive number of viewers, so Amazon quickly ordered a second for an unspecified release date.

7 Adam Driver – 65 (April 22, 2022)

Adam Driver in House of Gucci

Adam driver Gucci House The role of Maurizio Gucci, the wayward heir who pushes the business into the ground before being assassinated in a coup commissioned by his ex-wife, is his second appearance in a Ridley Scott film this year. He previously played the sadistic Jacques Le Gris in Scott’s historic epic The last duel opposite Matt Damon, Jodie Comer and Ben Affleck.

The Actor’s Next Featured Vehicle is a sci-fi thriller film written and directed by A quiet place creators Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. 65 will feature Driver as an astronaut who crashes on a mysterious planet and learns that he is not alone.


6 Jared Leto – Morbius (January 28, 2022)

Jared Leto as Dr Michael Morbius in Morbius

Jared Leto easily gives one of the most daring and memorable performances of Gucci House as the family’s resident jester, Paolo Gucci. He’s unrecognizable under thick layers of makeup and prosthetics as he brings an endearing goofball quality to all of his scenes.

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Leto’s next film project is a much different beast. Morbius is a Marvel villain movie set in the Sony studio Venom universe. Leto will play the main character, a Spider-Man villain who accidentally turns into a vampire while trying to cure his rare blood disorder.

5 Jack Huston – Expats (TBD)

Domenico De Sole attends meeting at House of Gucci

Jack Huston does not play a member of the Gucci family, but with connections to Walter Huston, John Huston, and Anjelica Huston, he is part of his own legendary dynasty. In Gucci House, Huston plays the Gucci family’s longtime aide Domenico De Sole, who usurps them when the company begins to go bankrupt and he spies on an opportunity.

Huston will next be seen with Nicole Kidman in Expatriates. Scheduled to premiere on Prime Video, Expatriates is a drama series focused on an expat community.

4 Adam Driver – White Noise (2022)

After forging a solid working relationship with Ridley Scott this year, Adam Driver reunites with his first recurring directorial collaborator, Noah Baumbach, for the original Netflix film. White noise. This will mark Driver’s fifth collaboration with Baumbach. Their latest film, Marriage story, earned Driver a nod to the Oscar for Best Actor.

Scheduled for an undisclosed release date of 2022, White noise will feature Driver as a Hitler Studies professor whose world is rocked by the “Airborne Toxic Event”. Driver co-stars include Greta Gerwig (who previously shared the screen with Driver in the Gem of Baumbach’s Slice of Life Francoise Ha) and Don Cheadle.

3 Jeremy Irons – Cello (TBD)

Jeremy Irons in House of Gucci

Jeremy Irons gives a brief but memorable performance in Gucci House like Rodolfo Gucci. While promoting Scott’s film, Irons was also working on a secret horror film in English and Arabic.

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Irons will star alongside Tobin Bell, better known as the Jigsaw Killer of the Seen movies. Shot in Saudi Arabia by a regular Seen director Darren Lynn Bousman, Cello revolves around an aspiring cellist who learns the shocking cost of his cello.

2 Jack Huston – Wash Me in the River (2022)

Neil pointing a gun in Heat

While Expatriates provides Huston with a lucrative TV role, he doesn’t leave the movies behind for good. He’s about to appear in Wash me in the river, a new thriller starring Robert De Niro and John Malkovich.

The premise sounds like a modern day exploitation actor: A recovering opioid addict seeks revenge on the drug dealers responsible for the addiction that caused his fiancé’s death.

1 Jared Leto – Drifting (TBD)

Paolo Gucci stands in front of his designer table in House of Gucci.

After making his Marvel debut as Morbius the Living Vampire, Jared Leto will team up with his Requiem for a dream director Darren Aronofsky for the horror film Blumhouse Adrift.

An interesting plot summary has been provided by Deadline: “The story takes place in the dead calm of the sea, where a fishing boat discovers an abandoned yacht with a strange distress call. A sailor agrees to take sole control of it while it is towed to port, but he soon discovers why the rest of his more experienced crew call it a “ghost ship.”

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